Interface NewsChannel

All Superinterfaces:
Channel, Comparable<GuildChannel>, Formattable, GuildChannel, GuildMessageChannel, IAgeRestrictedChannel, ICategorizableChannel, ICopyableChannel, IInviteContainer, IMemberContainer, IMentionable, IPermissionContainer, IPositionableChannel, ISnowflake, IThreadContainer, IWebhookContainer, MessageChannel, StandardGuildChannel, StandardGuildMessageChannel

public interface NewsChannel extends StandardGuildMessageChannel
Represents StandardGuildMessageChannel that are News Channels.

The Discord client may refer to these as Announcement Channels.

Members can subscribe channels in their own guilds to receive messages crossposted from this channel. This is referred to as following this channel.

Messages sent in this channel can be crossposted, at which point they will be sent (via webhook) to all subscribed channels.

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