Interface IPositionableChannel

All Superinterfaces:
Channel, Comparable<GuildChannel>, Formattable, GuildChannel, IMentionable, ISnowflake
All Known Subinterfaces:
AudioChannel, AudioChannelUnion, Category, DefaultGuildChannelUnion, ForumChannel, ICategorizableChannel, MediaChannel, NewsChannel, StageChannel, StandardGuildChannel, StandardGuildMessageChannel, TextChannel, VoiceChannel

public interface IPositionableChannel extends GuildChannel
Represents a GuildChannel that has a position.

These channels can be re-ordered using a position value.

In the case of identical position values, the natural order of the channel snowflakes is used.

  • Method Details

    • getManager

      Description copied from interface: GuildChannel
      Returns the ChannelManager for this GuildChannel.
      In the ChannelManager, you can modify the name, topic and position of this GuildChannel. You modify multiple fields in one request by chaining setters before calling RestAction.queue().
      Specified by:
      getManager in interface GuildChannel
      The ChannelManager of this GuildChannel
    • getPosition

      default int getPosition()
      The position of this channel in the channel list of the guild.
      This does not account for thread channels, as they do not have positions.

      This is functionally equivalent to getGuild().getChannels().indexOf(channel). To efficiently compare the position between channels, it is recommended to use Comparable.compareTo(Object) instead of the position.

      Zero-based int of position of the GuildChannel.
      IllegalStateException - If this channel is not in the guild cache
    • getPositionRaw

      int getPositionRaw()
      The actual position of the GuildChannel as stored and given by Discord.

      Channel positions are actually based on a pairing of the creation time (as stored in the snowflake id) and the position. If 2 or more channels share the same position then they are sorted based on their creation date. The more recent a channel was created, the lower it is in the hierarchy. This is handled by getPosition() and it is most likely the method you want. If, for some reason, you want the actual position of the channel then this method will give you that value.

      The true, Discord stored, position of the GuildChannel.