Interface ReactionPaginationAction

All Superinterfaces:
Iterable<User>, PaginationAction<User,ReactionPaginationAction>, RestAction<@Unmodifiable List<User>>

public interface ReactionPaginationAction extends PaginationAction<User,ReactionPaginationAction>
PaginationAction that paginates the reaction users endpoint.
Note that this implementation is not considered thread-safe as modifications to the cache are not done with a lock. Calling methods on this class from multiple threads is not recommended.

Must provide not-null MessageReaction to compile a valid pagination route.

Minimum - 1
Maximum - 100


 // Remove reactions for the specified emoji
 public static void removeReaction(Message message, String emoji) {
     // get paginator
     ReactionPaginationAction users = message.retrieveReactionUsers(emoji);
     // remove reaction for every user
     users.forEachAsync((user) ->
         message.removeReaction(emoji, user).queue()
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