Interface ReplyCallbackAction

All Superinterfaces:
FluentRestAction<InteractionHook,ReplyCallbackAction>, InteractionCallbackAction<InteractionHook>, MessageCreateRequest<ReplyCallbackAction>, MessageData, MessageRequest<ReplyCallbackAction>, RestAction<InteractionHook>

A InteractionCallbackAction which can be used to send a message reply for an interaction.
You can use setEphemeral(boolean) to hide this message from other users.
  • Method Details

    • closeResources

      @Nonnull ReplyCallbackAction closeResources()
      Description copied from interface: InteractionCallbackAction
      Closes all owned resources used for this request.

      This closes all files added, if applicable.

      Specified by:
      closeResources in interface InteractionCallbackAction<InteractionHook>
      This instance for chaining.
    • setEphemeral

      @Nonnull @CheckReturnValue ReplyCallbackAction setEphemeral(boolean ephemeral)
      Set whether this message should be visible to other users.
      When a message is ephemeral, it will only be visible to the user that used the interaction.

      Ephemeral messages have some limitations and will be removed once the user restarts their client.

      • Cannot contain any files/attachments
      • Cannot be reacted to
      • Cannot be retrieved
      ephemeral - True, if this message should be invisible for other users
      The same reply action, for chaining convenience