Class TemplateChannel

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public class TemplateChannel extends Object implements ISnowflake
POJO for the channels information provided by a template.
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    • getIdLong

      public long getIdLong()
      The ids of channels are their position as stored by Discord so this will not look like a typical snowflake.
      Specified by:
      getIdLong in interface ISnowflake
      The id of the channel as stored by Discord
    • getTimeCreated

      public OffsetDateTime getTimeCreated()
      As the ids of channels are their position, the date of creation cannot be calculated.
      Specified by:
      getTimeCreated in interface ISnowflake
      OffsetDateTime - Time this entity was created at.
      UnsupportedOperationException - The date of creation cannot be calculated.
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    • getType

      @Nonnull public ChannelType getType()
      The ChannelType for this TemplateChannel
      The channel type
    • getName

      @Nonnull public String getName()
      The human readable name of the GuildChannel.
      If no name has been set, this returns null.
      The name of this GuildChannel
    • getTopic

      @Nullable public String getTopic()
      The topic set for this TemplateChannel.
      If no topic has been set or the ChannelType is not TEXT, this returns null.
      Possibly-null String containing the topic of this TemplateChannel.
    • getPositionRaw

      public int getPositionRaw()
      The actual position of the TemplateChannel as stored and given by Discord. Channel positions are actually based on a pairing of the creation time (as stored in the snowflake id) and the position. If 2 or more channels share the same position then they are sorted based on their creation date. The more recent a channel was created, the lower it is in the hierarchy.
      The true, Discord stored, position of the TemplateChannel.
    • getParentId

      public long getParentId()
      Parent Category id of this TemplateChannel. Channels don't need to have a parent Category.
      Note that a Category channel will always return -1 for this method as nested categories are not supported.
      The id of the parent Category or -1 if the channel doesn't have a parent Category
    • isNSFW

      public boolean isNSFW()
      Whether or not this channel is considered as "NSFW" (Not-Safe-For-Work).
      If the ChannelType is not TEXT, this returns false.
      Whether this TextChannel is considered NSFW or false if the channel is not a text channel
    • getSlowmode

      public int getSlowmode()
      The slowmode set for this TemplateChannel.
      If slowmode is set this returns an int between 1 and TextChannel.MAX_SLOWMODE.
      If not set this returns 0.

      Note bots are unaffected by this.
      Having MESSAGE_MANAGE or MANAGE_CHANNEL permission also grants immunity to slowmode.

      The slowmode for this TextChannel, between 1 and TextChannel.MAX_SLOWMODE, 0 if no slowmode is set.
    • getBitrate

      public int getBitrate()
      The audio bitrate of the voice audio that is transmitted in this channel. While higher bitrates can be sent to this channel, it will be scaled down by the client.
      Default and recommended value is 64000
      The audio bitrate of this voice channel
    • getUserLimit

      public int getUserLimit()
      The maximum amount of Members that can be in this voice channel at once.
      0 - No limit
      The maximum amount of members allowed in this channel at once.
    • isNews

      public boolean isNews()
      Whether or not this channel is considered an Announcement-/News-Channel.
      These channels can be used to crosspost messages to other guilds by using a follower type webhook.
      True, if this is considered a news channel
    • getPermissionOverrides

      @Nonnull public @Unmodifiable List<TemplateChannel.PermissionOverride> getPermissionOverrides()
      Gets all of the PermissionOverrides that are part of this TemplateChannel.
      This will only contain Role overrides.
      Immutable list of all PermissionOverrides for this TemplateChannel.