Interface VoiceChannel

    • Method Detail

      • getUserLimit

        int getUserLimit()
        The maximum amount of Members that can be in this VoiceChannel at once.
        0 - No limit

        This is meaningless for StageChannels.

        The maximum amount of members allowed in this channel at once.
      • getBitrate

        int getBitrate()
        The audio bitrate of the voice audio that is transmitted in this channel. While higher bitrates can be sent to this channel, it will be scaled down by the client.
        Default and recommended value is 64000
        The audio bitrate of this voice channel.
      • getRegionRaw

        String getRegionRaw()
        The raw region name for this VoiceChannel. This will return null if the region is set to Automatic.
        Raw region name
      • createCopy

        ChannelAction<VoiceChannel> createCopy​(@Nonnull
                                               Guild guild)
        Description copied from interface: GuildChannel
        Creates a copy of the specified GuildChannel in the specified Guild.
        If the provided target guild is not the same Guild this channel is in then the parent category and permissions will not be copied due to technical difficulty and ambiguity.

        This copies the following elements:

        1. Name
        2. Parent Category (if present)
        3. Voice Elements (Bitrate, Userlimit)
        4. Text Elements (Topic, NSFW, Slowmode)
        5. All permission overrides for Members/Roles

        Possible ErrorResponses caused by the returned RestAction include the following:

        Specified by:
        createCopy in interface GuildChannel
        guild - The Guild to create the channel in
        A specific ChannelAction
        This action allows to set fields for the new GuildChannel before creating it!