Interface IMessageEditCallback

All Superinterfaces:
IDeferrableCallback, Interaction, ISnowflake
All Known Subinterfaces:
ButtonInteraction, ComponentInteraction, EntitySelectInteraction, ModalInteraction, SelectMenuInteraction<T,S>, StringSelectInteraction
All Known Implementing Classes:
ButtonInteractionEvent, EntitySelectInteractionEvent, GenericComponentInteractionCreateEvent, GenericSelectMenuInteractionEvent, ModalInteractionEvent, StringSelectInteractionEvent

public interface IMessageEditCallback extends IDeferrableCallback
Interactions which allow a target message to be edited on use.

Editing a message using these methods will automatically acknowledge the interaction.

Deferred Edits
Similar to IReplyCallback, message edits can be deferred and performed later with deferEdit(). A deferred edit tells Discord, that you intend to edit the message this interaction was performed on, but will do so later. However, you can defer the edit and never do it, which is effectively a no-operation acknowledgement of the interaction.

If an edit is deferred, it becomes the original message of the interaction hook. This means all the methods with original in the name, such as InteractionHook.editOriginal(String), will affect that original message you edited.