Class UserUpdateOnlineStatusEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericEvent, UpdateEvent<User,OnlineStatus>, GenericUserPresenceEvent

public class UserUpdateOnlineStatusEvent extends GenericUserUpdateEvent<OnlineStatus> implements GenericUserPresenceEvent
Indicates that the OnlineStatus of a User changed.
As with any presence updates this happened for a Member in a Guild!

Can be used to retrieve the User who changed their status and their previous status.

Identifier: status


This event requires the GUILD_PRESENCES intent and CacheFlag.ONLINE_STATUS to be enabled.
createDefault(String) and createLight(String) disable this by default!

Additionally, this event requires the MemberCachePolicy to cache the updated members. Discord does not specifically tell us about the updates, but merely tells us the member was updated and gives us the updated member object. In order to fire a specific event like this we need to have the old member cached to compare against.