Class ReadyEvent

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public class ReadyEvent extends GenericSessionEvent
Indicates that JDA finished loading all entities.
Before this event was fired all entity related functions were not guaranteed to work as expected.

Can be used to indicate when JDA finished populating internal objects and is ready to be used. When this is fired all available entities are cached and accessible.

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    • getGuildAvailableCount

      public int getGuildAvailableCount()
      Number of available guilds for this session.
      When discord fails to connect guilds for our gateway session they will not be in cache here yet but instead will fire a GuildReadyEvent later.
      Number of available guilds for this session
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    • getGuildUnavailableCount

      public int getGuildUnavailableCount()
      Number of guilds currently not available to this session
      Discord failed to connect these guilds to our gateway and we had to discard them for now. These might become available again later and will then fire a GuildReadyEvent.
      Number of currently unavailable guilds
    • getGuildTotalCount

      public int getGuildTotalCount()
      Total numbers of guilds known to this JDA session