Class MessageUpdateEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MessageUpdateEvent extends GenericMessageEvent
Indicates that a Message was edited in a MessageChannel.

Can be used to detect a Message is edited in either a private or guild channel. Providing a MessageChannel and Message.
This also includes whether a message is being pinned.

JDA does not have a cache for messages and is not able to provide previous information due to limitations by the Discord API!


This event requires at least one of the following intents (Will not fire at all if neither is enabled):

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    • getMessage

      @Nonnull public Message getMessage()
      The Message that was updated
      Note: Messages in JDA are not updated, they are immutable and will not change their state.
      The updated Message
    • getAuthor

      @Nonnull public User getAuthor()
      The author of the Message.
      The message author
      See Also:
    • getMember

      @Nullable public Member getMember()
      Member instance for the author of this message or null if this was not in a Guild.
      The Member instance for the author or null