Class ScheduledEventUpdateStatusEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericEvent, UpdateEvent<ScheduledEvent,ScheduledEvent.Status>

public class ScheduledEventUpdateStatusEvent extends GenericScheduledEventUpdateEvent<ScheduledEvent.Status>
Indicates that the status of a ScheduledEvent has changed. The status of a ScheduledEvent represents if it is currently active, canceled, or completed.

Can be used to detect when the ScheduledEvent status has changed.

Identifier: status


This event requires the SCHEDULED_EVENTS intent and CacheFlag.SCHEDULED_EVENTS to be enabled.
createDefault(String) and createLight(String) disable this by default! Discord does not specifically tell us about the updates, but merely tells us the ScheduledEvent was updated and gives us the updated ScheduledEvent object. In order to fire a specific event like this we need to have the old ScheduledEvent cached to compare against.