Class GenericGuildMemberEvent

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Direct Known Subclasses:
GenericGuildMemberUpdateEvent, GuildMemberJoinEvent, GuildMemberRoleAddEvent, GuildMemberRoleRemoveEvent, GuildMemberUpdateEvent

public abstract class GenericGuildMemberEvent extends GenericGuildEvent
Indicates that a Guild member event is fired.
Every GuildMemberEvent is an instance of this event and can be casted.

Most of these events require the GUILD_MEMBERS intent to be enabled.
createDefault(String) and createLight(String) disable this by default!

Can be used to detect any GuildMemberEvent.

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    • getUser

      @Nonnull public User getUser()
      The User instance
      Shortcut for getMember().getUser()
      The User instance
    • getMember

      @Nonnull public Member getMember()
      The Member instance
      The Member instance